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While most homeowners understand the importance of refinishing their hardwood floors, some don’t realize that if they have their floors refinished too often, they’re actually doing more harm than good. By combining routine cleaning and periodic professional service, you can keep your hardwood floors looking and performing their best without the need for frequent refinishing.

Besides cleaning your floor regularly with an appropriate cleaning product, a good way to maximize its longevity is to have it professionally serviced every five to 10 years. After using a “dirt dragon” to thoroughly clean the floor, a flooring specialist will apply a bonding agent and a coat of commercial finish. Not only will this help extend the life and luster of your floor, it can also save you money by prolonging the intervals between refinishing services.



Danville Hardwood has been refinishing hardwood floors for almost two decades. We are members of the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association); we follow their guide lines for refinishing hardwood floors. We do not take short cuts and we do your hardwood refinishing the proper way, INCLUDING:
Moving your furniture out and back
Hanging plastic over all your cabinets
Replacing any damaged wood
Provide and install flush mount vents
Sand floors times
Stain or Seal your hardwood floors
Three coats of finish
Provide and install safe glide floor protectors
Provide you with a Bona floor care kit

Danville Hardwood Company are now the proud owners of Wine Country Flooring, Inc.


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1) Sweep or Vacuum wood floors first
2) Clean floor with hardwood cleaner, we recommend BonaX, spray BonaX on and mop off with a clean micro fiber or soft towel.
3) For hard to remove or stubborn mark like scuff marks or sticky areas use a white pad and the cleaner.
4) Use flat floor protectors on all furniture.
5) Never use wax or acrylic cleaners as they will dull your floors.
6) When your floors just don’t come back to life you can have a process done called “Screen and Coat”, we rough up your poly-urethane mechanically or chemically etch them and apply a coat of finish.